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Gardener is also called a maali or landscaper, a person who is responsible to manage and develop your garden which includes soil cultivation, digging, planting flowers and other plants, sowing seeds, watering, forking, mulching, raking, removal of dead plants and weeds, pruning, treating pests and insects, etc. ItechIcare Gardener Maali Doorstep Service provides you a hassle free and pleasant experience to hire a professional Gardener or Maali to take care of your garden, lawn and indoor plants, bush and shrub trimming, green waste disposal, mowing, edging and more. Finding a professional Gardener or Maali Doorstep Service is very difficult as well as time-consuming process. By using this online portal you can search various professional Gardener or Maali doorstep service providers of your local area nearby you and book appointment with them so they can come to your home and provide their services to you.

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